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    child freand

    She told a friend the other day. Further from the first person.
    "My daughter was three and a half, she broke her leg in summer. Three weeks in a cast, longing. The child is bored, very temperamentally alive. We decided to change the situation a bit. From the dacha we went to the woods nearby, for mushrooms. The year was mushroom, we have a pine forest, transparent, easy to walk. I put my daughter with dolls on the litter, I gather around myself. The child is, of course, in sight. I periodically walk up, pour the large basket in the basket that stands next to the child. There are a lot of people in the forest. it is clear that they have driven away from the dacha not far. Ribov, my daughter began to call desperately. She left all the mushrooms, flying, flying up, oil painting. An old woman of 65-70, took my big basket and wanted to leave with her. Daughter shouted her, confused, probably hesitated to run away with heavy prey or not She barked at her grandmother to put the ba

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