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    - Here you worked at school, advise how I can better understand there tomorrow? Lenka is our tenth now. And they have a boyfriend in class who torments everyone. The teachers almost cry from him. Does not listen, breaks lessons. Maybe under the hop in school to appear. His parents do not care. He is healthy - classmates beats. I threw my satchel into my daughter - her back hurts for the second day. There is no bruise, but it hurts her to move and breathe.
    I am kindled with righteous anger:
    - Shurik, let's go together. He must be intimidated and disoriented. And in order for the guards and the teachers not to intervene, it is necessary there, somehow, with a mind to conduct everything with the mind.
    The next day, met at the school. They showed their passports to the guard, they told us which class we were going to and which teacher.
    He recorded us in a journal. We looked at the schedule and went up to the third floor.
    The bell rang. We quickened th

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