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I have a home kindergarten. Every working day, from morning to evening, about a dozen children play, communicate, learn new things and grow with me. Very often, especially after the weekend, parents ask me: how do you cope with them?
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September literally insisted on leaving. Rainy gray weekday gifts are not promised. With the onset of autumn, Feodosia-seasickness begins in my life - the smells of my native city (a mixture of hot air, algae, old plaster, paints and sleepers) are literally persecuted, deprived of calm and interfere with life.
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Right now, before our eyes, the habits are acquired by our children. We will not participate in the birth of any of them, they will be dictated by nature and the environment surrounding the child. But there are things that we can teach children at an early age so that these useful skills in the future help them interact with other people and make life easier.

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Topic: What are the animals?

Aim: to find out the differences in the way of life of wild and domestic animals, to broaden the notion of the diversity of domestic and wild animals and their significance for humans; develop the ability to group, >>>>>>>>>
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